This is not another book that talks about the high value of discipleship. It is a book, a guide, a tool that can immediately be used to jump in and begin to disciple others! Although all pastors and leaders agree that discipleship is absolutely vital to the mission of the church, few of us have found a book, process, or tool that we are happy with. They just don’t seem to work that well in real life discipleship settings. What if there was a single comprehensive discipleship tool that was highly user-friendly but at the same had real depth using historic, sound, biblical theology? What if (as J. I. Packer noted) “the choice of ground to cover revealed good judgment; and its interactions were thoughtfully calculated?” What if the guide had been field-tested and was proven to be a transformational disciple-making tool that leaders could immediately use to activate discipleship in the church? What if the guide could be used (with little to no prep) for one-to-one discipleship or small groups or even for classroom interactive learning? And best of all, what if the discipleship guide was transferable—what if it would truly train disciples to make disciple-makers? I've been looking for a discipleship guide like that all of my ministry. With Grounded in the Faith, I have found it!

Kenneth Erisman


Francis Chan, after considerable reflection speaks about discipleship:

Make sure we’re clear that the name of the game is “making disciples,” really “making disciple-makers”… The goal is—you reach the unreached and train them to be disciple-makers. If I can simplify, that is the goal of our life, that is our goal as leaders, that is our goal as Christians--to reach the unreached and train them to be disciple-makers.